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Monday, October 4, 2010

A 'Shout-Out' for TransGriot

  While web surfing about LGBT issues yesterday, I found this fabulous blog, TransGriot.  It's written by this beautiful lady, Monica Roberts.

  Her blog has already taught me a few things, such as:

 I just think it's amazing that there's a black transwoman who's speaking out about issues that matter.  When transpeople are presented in the media, they're usually white, so I wish all the power to her for breaking stereotypes.  Her blog is very popular, it's received over a million hits.

  I care very deeply about LGBT matters because there are a number of LGBT people in my life who I love.  Transsexual rights really resonate with me because my brother-in-law, on the paternal side of my family, is a transman, and through my (bi) sister, I have an excellent idea of what he's gone through in his life.

 Way to go, Monica!

 Visit TransGriot.

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  1. Thanks Kimberly for the link love and the TransGriot shout out.

    It's nice to know that people like yourself appreciate what I have to say about trans issues.

  2. And keep on saying them, because lots of people care!