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Saturday, October 16, 2010

A 'Shout-Out' for Tony Moreira

   Here's the return of my 'Shout-Out' feature, for those who were wondering where it was.  As a blogger, web designer, and 'small media' person, I like to scratch backs.   The last couple of backs I scratched belonged to women who are doing excellent work in social activism.    Here's a handy re-cap for you:

  Now, I'm doing a 'shout-out' for a man.  I stumbled upon his blog, but not via 'Stumble Upon'.  (Go ahead and vote for MY blog with Stumble Upon, okay?)  His name is Tony Moreira, and he's certainly an interesting guy.  He keeps a very fancy-schmancy blog at

  I feel that I've got a few things in common with him.  I'm into IT, I have a few CompTIA certifications, and I'm studying for a few offered by Microsoft and Cisco.   He's an IT guy with a LOT more experience in IT than I have, frankly I should be his student.  He's currently teaching game design, and other areas related to computer technology, at Westwood College, New England Institute of Technology and Johnson & Wales University.

  I'm a creative person.  I love expressing my creativity through visual art, and writing.  I'm also surrounded by creative people, my father and stepmother are popular novelists, and I have a lot of friends who are musicians and able to do so for a living.  That's a lot of marijuana I've smoked!  

  Well, Tony has a lot of acting credits to his name, both on television and in theatre.  And, while he does all of his technology related teaching, he somehow finds time to be a host on Radio Disney in Providence, Rhode Island. 

  He's got a lot of interesting stuff in his blog.  His site is loaded with fancy JavaScript.   When I go back to the tab in my browser where his blog is, he's got an applet that does this:

   Wow, someone is trying to shove a bunch of fancy technology in my face!

   He also does some cool stuff in Adobe Flash.  Just check out some of his blog posts.

   When I read his blog, he certainly seems like a guy who has a lot of fun in his life, with computer technology, through acting, and being a radio host for kids.  The world needs more people like him.

    Whose ass am I going to kiss next?  Keep visiting my blog in the future to find out.  In the meanwhile, I will be continuing my 'A Brief History of the Web' series here.  I've got a few reviews for Blogcritics coming up.  There's a lot to look forward to, both here and there.  And while I keep writing here and on Blogcritics, I've got THREE websites to get ready for other people.

    Stay tuned, loyal readers!  Same Kim time, same Kim channels!

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