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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Diary of a Lab Rat, coming soon to a blog near you!

  To my dear readers, I'm sorry I haven't posted in a couple of days.

  On Tuesday, I had to visit downtown Toronto for more lab work.  I'm very busy working on web design projects for a couple of clients.  Plus, there's a lot of Blogcritics articles coming up for you guys to look forward to.  One of the articles I'm working on is a book review of a popular new Lady Gaga biography.  I will also be interviewing the bographer!  Stay tuned...

  As for this blog, the much awaited part five of my 'A Brief History of the Web' series will be posted tomorrow.  I plan to continue my 'Project HTML5' series, as well.

  And, I'll be debuting a brand new, exciting article series soon!  Starting on November 1st is 'Diary of a Lab Rat'.  

  Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a human test subject in a pharmaceutical testing laboratory?  Read 'Diary of a Lab Rat' to find out.  

  I will be participating in a study for Merck, starting on November 1st and continuing until March 2011.  A new, yet to be approved by Health Canada (the Canadian equivalent of the FDA) drug to treat insomnia will be tested on me and about thirty other people in this study.   I don't suffer from insomnia, they will simply be testing the drug's side effects on me.

  A lot of tests have been performed on me already, and I received a phone call from the lab yesterday saying that I qualify for the study, I'm officially 'in'.  

  I've had to sign a large number of legal documents in order to participate.  None of my legal agreements with  Merck or Kendle's lab on King Street West in Toronto bar me from talking about or writing about my experiences in the lab.  But, to be respectful of the privacy of others, I will not mention other people's names in my 'Diary of a Lab Rat' series.  And, Kendle prohibits me from taking photos or video footage while in the facility.  I may post illustrations of my own, or relevant web graphics, but there will be no photos that are actually of my stay.

  I will make sure to bring a laptop computer for my use while in the facility.  So, I'll be writing those articles directly from the lab!  Kendle offers free WiFi for study participants, and I'll be taking advantage of it.  

  The 'Diary of a Lab Rat' series will be posted on this blog from November 1st until March 2011, but I may also write a related article for Blogcritics.  I may not repost articles from this blog to Blogcritics, though, so whatever I write for BC will be original material.  So, keep in touch with both this blog and Blogcritics!  That way, you won't miss a thing.

  I'm thinking of changing the colours on this blog for better readability.  I may change the black backgrounds of these posts to a different colour, and change this font colour accordingly.  Do you find the current colour scheme difficult to read?  Let me know, dear readers!  Comment on this post, e-mail me at, or message me on Twitter.

  Stay tuned for part five of my 'A Brief History of the Web' series, tomorrow!

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