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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A 'Shout-Out' for Feminists for Choice

 Hey, I just want to give a 'shout-out' to Feminists For Choice.  I discovered, via Twitter yesterday, that they're looking for a logo designer.  See  As I consider myself a feminist, I'm strongly pro-choice, and I'm good at graphic design, I thought I would give it a shot.  Below is the logo I designed and a sample 'web ad' for them:

 Serena Freewomyn, Feminists for Choice's founder, sent me a reply saying that she is considering me for the job.  I previously e-mailed her those samples.

 Although I'm a web designer, I love designing logos, and other graphics for professional purposes, too.  Below is the logo I designed for Buchalter Consulting, an investor relations firm I do all the webmastering, web design and social media for:

 I would love it if Serena would choose me.  I strongly support her organization, and it would be good promotion for my web design business, even though I would be creating a logo and ads for them, not doing web design.  

 Although I don't offer prices for logo and ad design on my website, people may gladly propose projects like that to me, possibly via e-mail, and I would be very inexpensive.

 If Serena and Feminists For Choice choose me, I would probably redo the ad by adding a graphic of a female, or a group of females, with their arms crossed, the body language suggesting 'MY body is MINE'.  The reason why I didn't simply do a Google image search for a photo is because I don't want a woman or womyn to come back to me saying 'hey, I don't permit this!'  But I would be okay with my photo being in the ad, and with having the photos of other adult females involved if they consent.

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