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Sunday, October 24, 2010

I'm obsessed, Jamiroquai edition

    It's the return of my cheesy obsessed/music/Youtube series!  This is my equivalent of speeding down the road, in my car (I don't drive!) with the stereo blasting at top volume.

   'Hey, everyone!  I'm so cool!  I've got such great taste in music!  Listen to it!'

   People who know me well know that I'm one of the biggest Jamiroquai fans in Canada.  Most Canadians are totally unfamiliar with Jay Kay and company, so I don't have much competition here.

    The good thing about being a Canadian Jamiroquai fan is that when the band plays Toronto once every 3-5 years, I get to go to an intimate gig at the Koolhaus, instead of having to go to a massive over 50,000+ capacity arena like Wembley Stadium in London, England.

   Well, the last time Jamiroquai played Canada was at Toronto's Koolhaus in November 2005.  That was the last Jamiroquai concert I attended.

   Now that Jamiroquai have left Sony and signed to Mercury, the first totally new album since 2005's Dynamite will be released next month, Rock Dust Light Star.  I expect Jamiroquai will play Koolhaus again this winter or spring 2011.

   If you are a Toronto-area Jamiroquai fan, I'm sure I'll see you there.

   I've been a huge fan since Return of the Space Cowboy (a masterpiece!) so I'm really looking forward to RDLS.

  I know us long time fans often say that Jamiroquai's sound hasn't been the same since Stu Zender left, forcing Synchronized to be rerecorded with a new bassist.  But, I think Synchronized, A Funk Odyssey and Dynamite had plenty of gems.

   What disappoints me is when Jay wants to get all experimental and veer away from the acid jazz or funk genres.  World That He Wants had a great political message, but I'm not a fan for the ballads, you know!

   So, for me, first single Blue Skies was a big disappointment.  White Knuckle Ride is pretty good, though, I don't care what the other fans on say about it.  But the videos for BS and WKR are very similar, and quite boring.

   Yes, Jay, I know you can pilot a helicopter!  I don't care!

   Most of the other tracks on RDLS are very promising, though.  Here's a Youtube video with 30 second samples from each and every track:

 And here's White Knuckle Ride, without the cheesy video:

  Here's some classic Jamiroquai, from ROTSC and Emergency on Planet Earth, respectively:

And, to finish, a couple of my favourite B-sides:

  See you tomorrow afternoon for part six of 'A Brief History of the Web'!

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