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Friday, October 22, 2010

A 'Shout-Out' for More Madeline Moore

   For the very first time in my 'Shout Out' series, I'm 'shouting out' for someone I personally know.

   Madeline is a popular erotica novelist.  Some of her works include Wild CardSarah's Education, and Amanda's Young Men.  Each of those links will take you to the novel's page on Amazon, where you may purchase them.  You may also visit Madeline Moore's Amazon page here.

  Madeline's blog is as interesting as her novels are steamy.  Her blog is full of interesting anecdotes.  Get to know the woman behind the work!

   If you like erotica from  a woman's perspective, Madeline will exceed your every expectation.

   If you want to know what it's like to be an erotica novelist, and the crazy life she leads, check out More Madeline Moore!

 Previous 'shout-outs':

 To my dear readers- later today you may look forward to part five of 'A Brief History of the Web'!

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  1. You're a good girl, Kim. Yes, everyone. Do come see me on my blog. Presently we're talking about nonhuman erotica, inspired by the movie District 9. See what folks have to say about Praun Porn.