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Thursday, October 28, 2010

I'm obsessed, Janelle Monae edition

   Dear readers, I've been super busy lately.  My writing is in high demand, now!  I've got a review to write on Invizimals (a PSP game) for Blogcritics, I've got aricles I'm writing for, and I've been writing articles for Dragon Blogger, as well.

  My personal blog, this one, is still very important to me, and part seven of 'A Brief History of the Web' will be online tomorrow, but not today, as I originally said.

  My 'Obsessions' series posts take a lot less time to create than my longer, more text and research heavy articles.  I didn't want to miss a second day posting here, so I'm writing another 'Obsessions' article, as a snack to tide you over until tomorrow.

  There is a very talented young lady who released her first complete major label album in May.  Her name is Janelle Monae, and she's getting a lot of recent buzz, deservedly.  (Unlike some people I know, cough, cough, Ke$ha, cough, cough!)

  I love innovative soul and hip hop, and her recordings are revolutionary.

  The album she released in May, The ArchAndroid, is a very creative concept album, loosely based on the classic 1920s film, Metropolis.

   My fellow Blogcritics writer, Jelani Sims, wrote a very thoughtful review of The ArchAndroid.  You should check it out!

   Enjoy a little bit of the album here:

  See you tomorrow!

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