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Monday, September 20, 2010

Getting ready for HTML5- New tags, part one

 In celebration of my new Project HTML5, here is the first in a series of several informative articles.

 I'll introduce some new HTML5 tags that I'm looking forward to implementing.

  • <footer> tag will be a handy way to display author and copyright related data at the bottom of a web page
  • <aside> tag allows formatting of sidebar information that isn't directly related to the content of a web page
  • <video> tag allows a video to be embedded in the web page without using a flash applet a la Youtube. So, a video file could be treated like an image file in HTML.

 In my next post about new HTML5 tags, I'll introduce <video> tag attributes, and a couple of other new HTML5 tags.  Look for that post within the next week.

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