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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lest We Forget

  I am among many who have family affected by war.  The First and Second World Wars have had a tremendous impact on both sides of my family.  My family has former soldiers, both survivors and war dead.  My father was a little boy who survived WWII in London, and my grandfather fought, mainly in France.  Those are two family examples, among many.

  And as I write, my half-brother, Captain Winston Crawley is serving in Kabul, Afghanistan.  We hope he and his fellow troops arrive home in one piece.  Many Canadian men and women have died there already, or have become severally injured.

  War is hell!  We must honour our soldiers, no matter how we feel about the wars they're in.

   I hope you've given generously to war vets who have been distributing poppies.

   Far too many younger people, baby boomers included, take peace time for granted.  We must not, not ever.  We must be vigilant to make sure that history doesn't repeat itself.

   I also have Jews in my family.  The Holocaust was absolutely horrific.  Millions of Jews were murdered.   Gays, and disabled people were also murdered.  I have many gay friends, and I'm a person with a disability.

   We must be vigilant and never forget!

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