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Monday, November 1, 2010

Good afternoon from the linuxcafe!

   Good afternoon, dear readers!  I'm at Toronto's linuxcaffe for the very first time.   It's a little cramped here, but this place is great!

    The staff are very friendly.  I'm surrounded by other Linux fans, and my buttered bagel was delicious.  I don't have to check into the lab until 5:00pm, so I'd rather kill time here.

    If you're ever visiting Toronto, I encourage you to check this place out.  Even if your laptop is running Windows or Mac OS, you're still welcome here.

    I regret missing the Maverick Meerkat (Ubuntu 10.10) party that was here a couple of weeks ago, but I'll be sure to be here for the Natty Narwhal celebration that'll expectedly be here in April.

    If you're curious about this place, please visit their website:

   Until my first 'Diary of a Lab Rat' post shows up this evening or tomorrow, I want to share my Halloween photos from last night.  

    Here they are!

The view from our front door, Halloween night

Here I am, waiting for 'trick or treaters'.
The coffee table is fully equipped, complete with my lil' Ubuntu netbook.  See, I'm on this blog!
A view of our front door. 
This house across the street from us is nicely decorated.  But all the houses in this neighbourhood look identical!   This city girl finds the suburbs SCAAAARRRRRY!

   I know Halloween is over for now, but I might as well link to one of the articles I wrote for Blogcritics- Halloween Dos and Don'ts.

   I modified the article a little bit for EzineArticles- Halloween Dos and Don'ts.

  Hopefully, you'll get some tips you can use for Halloween 2011!  Years are starting to go by pretty quickly for me now, and I'm still only 26 years old.

   Stay tuned, folks!  There's lots coming up, right here.  And, be sure to read me everywhere else.

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