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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Diary of a Lab Rat: Stay still, get pellet

   Well, my first 'Diary of a Lab Rat' post is finally here.

    I checked in at 5pm yesterday evening, or at least I was supposed to.   I lugged my HEAVY suitcase into the building, near King and Bathurst.   I would have been five minutes early, if it weren't for the elevators.

    The elevator came, but it wouldn't stop on the floor of the lab!  I had never had that problem before.  I was pissed!  I can't be late...

    I waited at the 10th floor for quite a while.  The delay was really bothering me.

    I tried going up with the other elevator- the exact same thing happened.

    Finally, back in the lobby, a guy in a white lab coat was waiting.  He didn't identify himself as being an employee of Kendle.  I had to ask him questions to find out what the heck was going on.   People who don't engage in clear, direct communication drive me nuts!   See my rant on Blogcritics about it, I Say What I Mean, and I Mean What I Say!

   Anyway, he was waiting there, with a keycard to let test subjects have access to the correct floor, as this particular floor is locked at 5pm.  It would've been nice if he helped me in the first place, before I wasted all of my time!   Arrrggggh!

As I may not take photos in the lab, here's a real photo of something, courtesy of

   It took until about 6:30pm until I was properly registered.  Good grief!  But they didn't consider me late.

   After having my bags searched, this netbook was registered in their laptop directory, with the webcam taped over.   Then my cigarettes were registered and put away, only to be given to me during designated smoke breaks.  I have access to this netbook whenever I'm not in the dosing room, however.  After changing into their scrubs, they took my vital signs, and another urine sample.

   Two of the women had too high of a THC level in their urine test.  They were also testing us for pregnancy, among other things..   All of the men passed (no, they were only tested for drugs!), but those two women I mentioned were asked to leave the study.  It was a bummer for me, too, I was just getting to know them!

   We had Chinese food for supper, washed down with 7up.  It wasn't bad!

   I had to wait until about 10:45pm for my supervised smoke break, it was brutal!
   Lights out time was 11pm.   Stay tuned for the next part, hopefully by tomorrow, when I start again from this morning.

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